for Residential Properties
Swallow control
We provide effective solutions to keep swallows away.

Woodpecker control
Damages from woodpeckers can be harsh. Our woodpecker control helps!

Bird Control for private villas
Our most discreet bird control measures suit fine houses.

for factories and Office Buildings
Ultra-modern facades need decent and state-of-the-art Bird Control Solutions.

New bonding technology for nets
Ultralight nets allow fastening to be flexible and drilling-free.

Electrical fence for birds
Our electrical systems repel birds like an electrical pasture fence – effective, reliable and not dangerous at all.

for Public Buildings and Large Industrial Plants
Bird protection for Bridges
Innovative solutions to protect bridges

Landfills and sewage plants
attract large flocks of birds. We provide modern bird control methods.

Birds can be dangerous for aircraft. We offer excellent know-how.
for Agriculture
Scarecrows Kite
This decoy flies by itself up to 33m high - perfectly imitating a real bird of prey.

This special mirror uses light reflections and protects your crop from birds.

Green lasers use a special feature of the bird's eye. Our video shows how it works.
Bird control shop
TONI offers bird control and pigeon control products, which are effective and animal friendly. You may order our products in our Internetshop here.
Bird control helper
The best solution for each application.
We show you which products is most effective for each single case.