We protect Birds
We at TONI love birds. We make use of latest technology to protect them and address bird problems at wind turbines, window collisions and power lines


Bird collisions at Windparks

Radar protects birds

Modern radar technology and analysis tools enable us to detect birds and shut down turbines when a bird is likely to hit it - fully automatic.
Toter Vogel

Bird Collisions at Windows

Modern BirdSafe®-foils help

Many birds collide every year wih window glass, since they cannot see it. Modern glass and bird protecting foil can help.

Birds dying at Power Lines

Intelligent line markers help

Power Lines must not kill birds. Pole covers prevent birds from shorting. Intelligent line markers make the lines visible for birds.

Large-scale Projects can pose risks for migrating birds

Risk analysis with Radar

Field research with radar helps to understand the local bird migration and how large-scale building projects must be shaped to minimize bird risks.
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Help to protect birds!
Our birdfoils are recommended by bird protection organizations and prevent birds from hitting window glass to almost 90%.

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