Birdkite Balloons

Predator birds always attack from above - This is why all birds are alarmed when they detect a moving object above them.

Helium filled balloons, which are flying at 10 - 30m high makes use of this instinctive behaviour - birds avoid roosting under our birdkites, which makes them an effective and inexpensive bird control method.

  • Birdcontrol balloons are helium filled kites and fly permanently at a certain height, which is fixed with a long rope.
  • Birds see the balloons instinctively as a threat and avoid them. Birdkites may be used to deter all kinds of birds (besides predator birds).
  • Because of the height, at which birdkites can fly, also large areas up to 10 hectars can be kept almost bird-free. This makes birdkites a very suitable tool for agriculture. The higher the balloons fly, the more effective they are.
  • The birdkite principle has been researched and approved by well-known universities.
  • Habituation is very seldom, but can be seen during breeding season.
  • Birdkites are available in two different versions. Another version is the Hawkkite. Alternatively we offer birdkite decoys, which are fixed to kite poles and can move freely with the wind.
  • The external skin of the Birdkites must be exchanged once per month.
  • Birdkites cover large areas depending on the birds and on the crop (datas from experience):
Type of bird Crop


Rooks / Crows Emerging Cereals 15 
  Landfill Sites 1 - 6
  Farm Buildings
  Pig / Cattle Units  2 - 5
  Drilled Maize  10 - 15
  Strawberries  10 
Wood Pigeons  Oilseed Rape 20 - 25
  Emerging Cereals  20 - 25 
  Peas 20 
  Drilled Maize  15 - 20
Starlings Cherries / Fruit Crop 5
  Strawberries 7
  Farm Buildings  1 - 5
  Cattle Units  1 - 3
Small Birds  Grapes / Bush Crop  3 - 5
  Strawberries  3 - 5
Cormorants Fish Farms 10
  Rivers  400 meters 
Geese  (Local)  Oilseed-Rape 25
  Grass Cereals 25
Geesse (Migratory)  Cereals 30 - 50
Seagulls Landfill Sites 1 - 6
  Building Sites 2

Landfill site Without Birdkite

Landfill site With Birdkite
  • Birdkites can be worn out by the wind, UV radiation etc. Therefore, they must be replaced monthly.  Our balloon-sets contain 5 balloons and can be ordered comfortably including helium fillings through our internet shop.
  • Birdkite are suitable especially for large areas, airports (with permission), landfill-sites as well as regions with low, medium and heavy population.

Birdkite Vigilante (11 m3) flying:

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