Bird Slides

Bird Slides are prefabricated acrylic glass angles, which are fixed to the ledges to be protected. The ca. 45 degree angle is too steep for the birds to hold a footing.  

Bird Slides are very suitable for discreetly protecting architectural structures. They are also suitable for listed buildings because they are attached by adhesive.

Alternatively plastic foil angles are available, so called Pigeon-Stops.

The important characteristics of Bird Slides

  • Bird Slides are angles made of acrylic glass, which are bonded to ledges, sills and prominences. Versions are also available in other plastics and aluminium.
  • The birds cannot hold a footing and are thus driven away due to the angle of at least 45 degrees.
  • Bird Slides are almost invisible and are suitable for architectural structures.
  • With a certain minimum order quantity the angles and leg lengths can be adjusted to every facade.
  • Bird Slides are suitable for small to medium populations of birds.
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Bird Slide

Bird Slides are aluminium / plastic angles and very decent on ledges. 20 meters per package
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