Wire systems

Wires provide a means of deterrence that is not only highly effective, but also inconspicuous. Because birds can only roost when they have a flat surface or a firm grip, they are unable to perch on thin, elastic stainless steel wires.

Based on experience, the height of TONI's wire systems is set at 110 mm, the ideal height for deterring pigeons and other birds of similar size. However, this height can be adjusted for any species of concern.

Important features of wire systems

  • Wire systems consist of one or more thin (0.54mm) stainless steel wires attached by springs to steel pins, which are in turn secured to a base. An additional wire set at a lower height prevents birds from flying underneath the system.
  • The wires are set taught enough that birds cannot fit between them, but not so tight that they can perch on top of them. When the only two options are becoming entangled or being unable to balance, birds have no choice but to land elsewhere.
  • Changing the number of wires allows the system to cover various widths of potential perches, ranging from pipes, gutters and handrails to broad eaves.
  • Wire systems are suitable for medium to heavy populations of birds.

Additional options

  • Our combination system can be used for long spaces of 15 m or more. This system is the most popular and the best suited for spaces such as attics and ceilings.


  • The pipe clamp wire system was developed for railings, drainage pipes, and other round fixtures which are used by pigeons and other birds for nesting and roosting.
  • TONI also offers a special wire system for roof ridges, which attaches directly to the roof tiles.
  • Stainless steel supports are available for certain surfaces that can be mounted directly into the side wall.
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