Electrical system - Heron-Fence

This electrical system will prevent your fishery from herons. Electrical deterrent systems work on the same principle as an electric fence: when a bird touches the system, it receives a small electric shock - completely harmless, but always unpleasant enough to drive it away.

TONI's electrical systems are some of the most effective bird control methods on the market.

Important characteristics of electrical systems

  • Electrical systems shock birds when they touch the system. The birds will not suffer any harm, but will be frightened away.
  • These systems are fed by up to 5,000 volts, enough to shock but not enough to cause any lasting harm. This voltage is high enough to power up to 30,000m of wiring.
  • The Power monitor supervises the electrical system permanently and sends out an automatic warning by SMS if the system gets interrupted or the power becomes insufficient.
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Electric fence "Heron"

Electric fence for heron control.
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