Visual Solutions
Birds are highly visual creatures, more than almost any other group of animals, and because of this react reflexively to anzthing that disturbs their visual sense.. TONI provides several highly effective solutions that take advantage of this.

Laser Solutions

Studies have shown that birds' eyes are particularly sensitive to green light, at wavelengths of ca. 525 nm. Laser solutions exploit this sensitivity. We provide a comprehensive market overview of available laser models.

Eagle Eye System

This spinning mirror reflects the rays of the sun or artificial lights; this, in turn, bewilders and irritates birds until they flee. Its curved shape and spinning behavior allow the Eagle Eye to protect large areas.

Stroboscare System

Bright flashes of 15 million candlepower drive away birds from indoor installations such as greenhouses and storage facilities.

Bird-Free Gel

Bird-Free Gel is an irritant to a bird's senses of sight, smell, and touch, making it one of the most versatile solutions available.
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