bird netting

Netting is suitable for medium to heavy populations of birds, and is the most effective method of providing physical protection for large spaces such as warehouses, courtyards, and building facades. Netting is available in a variety of versatile materials, including plastic and stainless steel.

TONI offers several options for the installation of netting.

Option 1: Ultralight plastic netting with adhesive

  • Before installing the net, plastic holders are bonded to anchor points with a special bonding agent. When dry, the netting is fastened into the holders.

  • Following fastening, the netting is tightened and can be easily unhinged for maintenance. The high number of anchor points ensures that even if some strands come loose, the entire structure is still held fast.
  • Ultralight Antec netting is extremely versatile, fireproof, and available in a special dust-repellant coating. It is available in a variety of colors, and can be installed anywhere at a temperature above 5-8 °C  / 41-47 °F, and fastened to any surface except wood, plaster or sandstone

Option 2: plastic netting with steel cable frame

  • Just as versatile as ultralight netting, this method combines the added UV, moisture, and fire resistance of polyethylene mesh with the durability and strength of steel fastenings and supports.

Option 3: stainless steel mesh with cable frame

  • Stainless steel mesh has much more to offer in terms of rigidity and strength than plastic, making it the material of choice for overhangs, large-scale projects, and particulary troublesome bird infestations.
  • Stainless steel netting is also available as spot welded grating in various mesh sizes. For example, experience has shown that a mesh size of 25mm x 40mm is best suited for pigeon control.

Additional options

  • Our combination system is an alternative to netting in long, open spaces such as attics and ceilings. The system consists of stainless steel wires which can be stretched in any direction - vertically, horizontally, or diagonally - thus producing the same effect as netting in ares that would otherwise be difficult to cover..
  • In cases where visual impact is a concern, we offer architectural cables, which are not only strong and durable, but also completely inconspicuous.
  • Steel wire nettings and metal mesh offer effective bird deterrence, while simultaneously integrating into the building's facade.
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