TONI is a team of bird control specialists, climbers, ornithologists, falconers, pest controllers and disinfectors. We are commited to the challenge of keeping birds, and in particular pigeons, away from buildings, bridges and other structures. In addition, we have a special sector for airports and agriculture.

With Birdconsult we offer ornithological expertise.

TONI Bird Control Solutions provides Bird Control Services for  commercial and industrial businesses to enhance the quality of your surroundings. Our rich experience in dealing with pest birds tells us that these can be extremely destructive for your commercial and residential property. 

Hence, after surveying your property, we advise on possible solutions, listing their pros and cons. We suggest the most suitable customized solution, based on its effectiveness for your area. Over the years, we have encountered different types of bird issues, and we have discovered that each problem has its own ideal solution. Therefore, we show you which products are most effective for every single case.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive services with applications that are designed to specifically meet the diverse needs of our customers. The range of bird control services we offer, ensures that each and every aspect of your bird problem is dealt with in order to ensure a long lasting solution.

Browse our website to get detailed information about each bird control solution that we offer to our residential and commercial customers.     

We care for Birds

Repelling birds does not mean hurting or killing them. Our primary aim is to repel birds away from where they are not wanted and to resettle them elsewhere.  

We are very much concerned about bird protection and bird conservation. Our products prevent birds from hitting window glass or being killed in windparks or at power lines.

We are members of:

  • German New Energy Association
  • GEFMA-network for professional facility management
  • NABU – the animal protection society in Germany

Location in Germany

  • TONI Headquarters: Frankfurt am Main

International Partner companies

Austria, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Serbia, Spain, Hungary, Poland, VAE and Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Korea and Japan

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