Electrical systems

Electrical deterrent systems work on the same principle as an electric fence: when a bird touches the system, it receives a small electric shock - completely harmless, but always unpleasant enough to drive it away.

TONI's electrical systems are some of the most effective bird control methods on the market. We offer versions with both upright and profile supports, along with specialized models for specific applications.

Important characteristics of electrical systems

  • These systems are fed by up to 5,000 volts, enough to shock but not enough to cause any lasting harm. This voltage is high enough to power up to 30,000m of wiring.
  • The power surge should be placed in the outside.
  • The Power monitor supervises the electrical system permanently and sends out an automatic warning by SMS if the system gets interrupted or the power gets insufficient.
  • Special electrical systems are available for the control of smaller or larger birds.
  • Electrical systems are suitable for medium to large populations.

Electrical system versions

  • Upright electrical systems consist of two parallel stainless steel rods of varying diameters. These are the simplest and most economical systems we provide.
  • Profile electrical systems are imbedded in a plastic matrix, thereby offering improved short-circuit protection; they are guaranteed maintenance-free..
  • Profile electrical systems include the very low and discreet Scaretape and Avishock Systems. These systems consist of electrical cables in a plastic matrix, which is bonded directly to the substrate.
  • If the electrical system will be installed on one or more curved surfaces, Columbex is the system of choice: its plastic is softer and easier to form, making  it particularly effective at protecting statues, columns, and other ornate structures.
  • The combination system can function either charged, as an electrical system, or uncharged as a wire system. It is particularly suitable for long, continuous installations (e.g. attics), where ts thin wires make it particularly discreet.
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