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The Eagle Eye is one of the most innovative and effective solutions that TONI provides. The Eagle Eye system consists of a pyramid of mirrors that reflects sunlight or other light sources downward and outward to scare and startle flying birds. The system is  spun by an electric motor, allowing it to provide 360 degrees of bird protection.

Important characteristics of the Eagle Eye

  • The mirror must always be placed above the level of the birds.
  • Within 3 months, Eagle Eye users report drops in bird numbers of over 80%.
  • Eagle Eyes are harmless to humans and animals.
  • The mirror's rotor is driven by a 12V motor. Power can be supplied by an AC plugin or battery. For outdoor use, attachments for wind and solar power are also available.
  • Eagle Eyes are used on buildings, silos, golf courses, marinas and yachts, public places, and in agriculture.
  • The Eagle Eye system is suitable for low to high populations.
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  • Does the Eagle Eye work for all birds?
The Eagle Eye can be used against most species, but is only effective for birds in flight. Seated and nesting birds, and raptors, are usually not affected.
  • Does the Eagle Eye work even on cloudy days?
When the mirror was already in use for a long time and the local birds have changed in their behavior, has cloudiness usually no influence.
  • Do birds become accustomed to the mirror?
Habituation has never been observed with the Eagle Eye. The longer in use, the better.
  • Do I ever need to clean the mirror?
As dirt can reduce its effectiveness, the system must be occasionally cleaned.
  • How long will a car battery power the Eagle Eye?
A standard car battery will last roughly two months.
  • How fast will birds come back if I take it down?
While they may eventually, birds do not typically return quickly to areas where the Eagle-Eye has been long used.
  • How many Eagle Eyes do I need?
The Eagle Eye usually covers up to 15-20 m in height and a diameter of up to 50 m. It does, however, required experienced setup - if you are interested in the Eagle Eye, please send us a plan or a sketch of your facility, and we will be happy to suggest a plan.
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