Stainless steel cable mesh

Stainless steel cable mesh consists of stainless steel cables joined together with clamps to form a net. Due to the high stiffness and tension the cable mesh can stretch and thus absorb energy. This means it is not only suitable for bird control, but also facade limiting. The high quality of the material and the design allows unique and challenging architectural solutions.

Architectural solution: steel cable mesh

Steel cable mesh brings into bird control high aesthetics and function. It takes mesh one step further – away from pure function to an integral aspect of modern architecture.  

The intelligent use of stainless steel cable mesh and clamps enables many forms of prestressed cable mesh construction. The effect is effortless and sophisticated. But the structure still resists the strongest wind loadings and fulfils many functions besides bird control.


The important characteristics of stainless steel cable mesh

  • Mesh frames are anchored by boring at suitable points and stressed.  
  • The mesh is clamped to the frame.
  • The individual mesh frames are interwoven to a regular mesh using clamps.  
  • The mesh can be used for various purposes by varying the cable thickness and mesh width.  
  • The product is made to order and structurally verified by a firm of engineering consultants – an essential prerequisite for facades.
  • Steel cable mesh is suitable for medium to heavy populations.
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