bird spikes

Spikes are arrays of stainless steel or plastic barbs that prevent birds from being able to land. They are available in two basic versions:
  • Poycarbonate base: stainless steel wire fixed into weather-resistant plastic.
  • Metal base:: the wire is welded or plugged to a stainless steel plate.

The nearly endless variety of shapes, lengths, and materials means that spike arrays can be custom-designed for any and all applications.

Important features of spikes

  • Spikes are one of the most time-tested and versatile methods of bird control, demonstrated in both scientific tests and decades of practical use.
  • Spikes are either glued, nailed or bolted to the surface to be protected, depending on the application. Each of these provides a strong and lasting hold. Gluing, in particular, avoids any alteration to the underlying structure.
  • As the strips are available in a variety of lengths, widths, and materials, spike configurations can be designed for any request.
  • Spikes are effective detterents for all sizes of bird populations.


  • Spikes are available for various surface widths:
    1 row: spans ca. 4 cm
    2 rows: span ca. 8 cm
    3 rows: span ca. 15 cm
    4 rows: span ca. 20 cm
  • For different birds:
  • Hanging spikes for swallows
    Short barbs for small birds such as sparrows and starlings
    Long barbs for larger birds
    including pigeons and seagulls

  • Of various types:
    Stainless steel spikes on a polycarbonate strip
    Stainless steel spikes welded to steel strip
    Stainless steel spikes plugged into steel strip
  • Spikes for various purposes:
    Spikes for pipe, lamp posts, etc.
    Spikes for gutters
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