C&A, Regensburg: Netting installation

In front of the slat construction we stretched PE netting over the whole roof to prevent birds from sitting between the slats. The whole rear construction of the netting was in stainless steel.

HVW Rastatt: extensive netting

The inner courtyard of this housing was a favourite for a flock of pigeons. During renovations netting was used to cover the whole courtyard, so that the pigeons could no longer land. The guttering was protected with stainless steel spikes.

Mainside Frankfurt: stainless steel netting-installation

There are expensive cars in the multi-storey car park of Mainside Frankfurt. Owing to the very attractive location near to the water, the object is a favourite nesting place. Our stainless steel netting provides effective protection and is discreetly installed on the facade.

Balconies: netting

Netting is often the least favoured choice for balconies. It provides 100% protection against pigeons, but total netting is not everyman’s first choice. We can provide some help with hinged frames.

HVW in Frankfurt: polyethylene netting

With balconies there is often no alternative to complete netting. The netting has to be installed as discreetly as possible, fitting the total image of the facade.

Swallow netting: PE netting with bonding technology

With a contract from the Cornelia Hopf property management company we installed preventative swallow protection on the facades of these properties.

The netting is strectched between the guttering and house walls. By using PE Antec netting with bonding we were able to avoid boring special dowels through the insulation. A major advance, due to which time was saved and costs were lower to the client.

Inner courtyard Dresden: netting using industrial climbing

Pigeons infested the inner courtyard of a new building opposite the famous Church of Our Lady in Dresden. Due to the difficult access we installed the netting using industrial climbing technology.

Bonding the netting also proved itself here. A steel cable frame attachment would have been very complex as the facade also functions as insulation.

Backyard of Private Home in Munich

Pigeons often breed in backyards of private homes, where they can breed without being disturbed.

We have protected a backyard in Munich including the climate machine.

Balconies in Frankfurt: Nettings

Balconies on this office building were massively covered with pigeon droppings.

We have cleaned off the droppings, desinfected the area and protected the balconies with nettings.

Ubierring Cologne: PE-netting using cable frame technology

At this listed building at Ubierring in Cologne, we have installed PE-nettings using cable frame technology. The netting was attached to the windows and portholes of the facade as gently as possible.

Wire systems

Goldbeck facade Mannheim: custom-made product

stainless steel wire system

The customer had a strict specification for the wire system. The system was to prevent the intrusion of pigeons and also protect the guttering. This could not be realised with a standard system.  

We therefore developed the standard wire system further and adjusted both the height and thickness to the increased tensile stress.  

Several hundred metres of facade could then be effectively protected.

E.On Academy Düsseldorf, stainless steel wire system

A multiple row stainless steel wire system was fitted exactly to the form of the window sills. Stainless steel pins were used. A possible alternative is also the direct anchoring of the wire system into the window reveals.

Shopping centre Regensburg: stainless steel wire system

We protected the windows of a large shopping centre in Regensburg with a three- and five row stainless steel wire system. In particular, the full protection of the windows (five rows) prevents the pigeons from nesting on the window sills.

Inner Courtyard Dresden: Stainless Steel Wire System

Pigeons like to populate city centres. This was also the case in the centre of Dresden, where we protected the parapets of a new building opposite the Church of our Lady with several rows of stainless steel wire system.

Wire systems have a very high efficiency and are, not least because of the good visual effect, suitable for repelling birds.

Ubierring Cologne: Stainless steel wire system and spikes

At this listed building at Ubierring in Cologne, we have installed a stainless stell wire system on gutters and ledges. The system was even painted in order to best integrate it into the facade of the building.

On other ledges and gutters we have used stainless steel spikes to protect them.

Electrical systems

Housing in Cologne: Electrical System

This inner courtyard of this new housing was protected with an electrical system against pigeons. The system is installed in the front attic in an area that is not easy to reach. Therefore, the occupants, children etc cannot  reach the system and frighten themselves.

Electrical systems are particularly effective because there is no habituation effect and they are optically discreet. They are also just as suitable for private accommodation.


Office building Karlsruhe: stainless steel spikes

Office buildings with an atrium are favoured living places for pigeons. In particular, niches on the buildings are very suitable.

We protected the niches with stainless steel spikes – a simple and discreet method. The only challenge with the atrium was the confined space. Special handling equipment solved the problem.

Frankfurt-inner courtyard: stainless steel spikes

This courtyard of a block of houses in Frankfurt was heavily soiled by pigeons. Access was the problem; however our climbing team solved it with flying colours.

Stainless steel spikes were installed on pilaster strips and guttering.

Klauser facade: stainless steel spikes

Stainless steel spikes provide very good protection for many parts of a facade. They are particularly suited for nameplates and are also cost effective.

Factory and office building in cologne: stainless steel spikes

The pigeons were nesting in the venetian blind boxes underneath the eaves of this building.  

The problem was solved with several rows of stainless steel spikes, some of which were installed from inside the building and some with lifting equipment.

Frankfurt inner courtyard: stainless steel spikes

Trees made this inner courtyard very difficult to access – impossible for lifting equipment, routine for our climbing team.

There were enough anchor points on the facade, which allowed our team to work safely.

Lampertheim: stainless steel spikes

The roof area of this building was heavily affected by pigeons, which had settled on the edges of the roof and roof protrudances.

After professionally cleaning the pigeon droppings and disinfecting we protected the area with stainless steel spikes.

ETG Frankfurt: stainless steel spikes -installation

Guttering is a bird favourite. Special spikes helped here. These went so far into the recess that the birds could no longer nest in the guttering.

HVW Frankfurt: cleaning and stainless steel spikes

The window sills of a doctor’s practice in the Frankfurt city centre were heavily soiled by pigeons.

We carried out a professional cleaning and disinfecting of the object and installed two-rowed stainless steel spikes.

Combined Solutions

Villa in Nizza

We have protected this nice property with high-grade steel spikes, nets and a special wire system for balustrades against birds. Now one can enjoy the view again undisturbed.

Private home in Frankfurt: Several bird control systems combined

At this private home in Frankfurt, pigeons were sitting predominantly on the gutters and roof ridges. Although spikes have been installed during the construction of the house under the eaves of the gables, pigeons still found a way for breeding.

In this case, we have protected the gutters with special stainless steel spikes and the ridges with a wire system, which allows a very low-key solution. For the eaves of the gables, we have used our netting, which we glued directly on the tiles. The plastic holders for the netting were also coated black in order to make them as unvisible as possible. Furthermore, we have cleaned and disinfected the spots of pigeon droppings on this building.

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