Wire-Electrical Combination System

TONI's Combination System represents the pinnacle of wire-based bird control solutions. It is strong, durable, and above all, extremely versatile, offering all the benefits of both wire and netting solutions. Its individual steel wires can be stretched across any opening, and when lain alongside each other, make arrays that can span the width of any gap.

The Combination System's wire-and-bridge construction means that not only can the wires be stretched in straight arrays, but are completely capable of wrapping around corners and other irregular shapes. This makes it perfect for deterring birds on building roofs, facades, and interior spaces such as courtyards and ceiling spaces.

On top of this versatility of shape, the Combination System can function not only as a physical barrier, but also as an electrical deterrent when connected to a power source.

Important characteristics of the Combination System

  • The system consists of of a combination of UV- and weather-resistant plastic bracings and stainless steel wires.
  • The wires can be electrically charged to increase effectiveness, either through a standard or solar energy source.
  • The combination system can be installed in any direction, and can even replace netting.
  • Its strength and customizability make the Combination System suitable for controlling any bird species, from sparrows to seagulls.
  • The combination system is suitable for medium to heavy populations of birds.
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