Solutions for privat villas

Exclusive beach houses, pools and villas require special solutions.

Bird droppings are not part of the image of exclusive villas. Beach houses and pools are often soiled by seagulls or pigeons. The droppings are not only unsightly, but also a health risk due to bacteria and parasites. They can also lead to structural damage.

Discreet bird control solutions

Our products are designed to be as discreet as possible while still providing a high degree of protection:
  • A top quality electrical system, that can also be powered by solar energy, network-independent, special stainless steel wire system for wals or roof ridges.

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We usually rely on a combination of different products for a long-term solution.

Solutions with high architectural standards

Bird droppings on an exclusive villa isn't attractive. But effective deterents solutions must be integrated into the surface, as if they were part of it.

For this reason, we have developed solutions, which meet these requirements.

Bird control solutions for swimming pools

Birds are strongly attracted to pools for drinking or bathing in warmer regions. They not only contaminate the water, but also badly soil the edges of the pool.

We provide a range of pool covers against this:

  • roofing
  • Louver blinds and roller shutters
  • floating film
  • protective netting

Besides bird protection the covering provides a range of advantages:

  • lower heat loss, resulting in longer use from spring to autumn,
  • no water contaminants (leaves, insects etc.),
  • reduced water evaporation.

We would be pleased to make you an offer for your pool.

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