PDT - Bird Control with Shockwaves

Unlike most other animals, birds' bones and body cavity contains large pockets of air, which helps them fly, to determine their position, orientation and altitude in the air. Pulse Detonation Technology (PDT) sends out continuous waves of air pressure, which disorients the birds. As soon as the Thunder Generator goes off, birds leave the area. It is an effective and harmless way to repel birds.

Video of the PDT at a landfill:

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Characteristics of the Shockwave Generator

The shockwave generator uses precisely controlled detonations to create pressure waves through the air. Because birds' bodies have an extensive system of air sacs this wave of increased pressure is immensely disorienting to them (though not at all dangerous). The change of air pressure is about the same as riding the elevator down five to six floors. Unlike with cannons that use only loud noise, birds do not become accustomed to the sensation of the pressure wave washing over them.

  • The cannon has no moving parts
  • Range: ca. 500 m, depending on fuel
  • Fuel: LPG, propane, or ethylene (power varies among fuel types)
  • Fuel consumption: 2.5 g per shot
  • Rate of fire: 60 shots per minute (1 Hz)
  • Weight: 80 kg (not including gas cylinder)
  • Calibre: 125 mm
  • If combined to a network, a large area can be covered.
  • remote control available
  • very low cost of ownership

Using the Shockwave generator requires training. 

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