Decoys and Bird Robots

Decoys are a time-tested solution both for attracting and deterring birds. Decoys that imitate predators increase the pressure on birds to evacuate a given area.

TONI is proud to offer an extensive line of bird decoys. Predator decoys are available as “passive” decoys to hang or position, and “active” decoys such as flying robots and bird decoys with controllable movements.

  • Most decoys can be positioned in various locations. Raven, Eagle, Owl and Kestrel decoys can be hung almost anywhere. They move in the wind, giving  the impression of a hunter searching for prey.
  • Woodpecker decoys signal to other woodpeckers that a given area is “occupied.” As these birds are very territorial, the facades can be effectively protected from woodpeckers.
  • For agricultural applications, our predator kite consists of a 9.6m long fiberglass rod, with a 1.11 m wingspan predator decoy attached. The decoy moves freely in the wind.
  • Decoys and robot birds are suitable for low to medium populations of birds.

Special dummies for demanding cases

Scarecrow Kite and Birdkite:
Raptors always attack from above. Our scarecrow kite is so effective because it is attached to a rod and floats permanently 8m in height (starter set), taking advantage of birds' innate fear of such an attack. A special version is the helium-filled Birdkite.

More information can be found in our CATALOGUE Scarecrow Kiteset.

Scarecrow Kite Set
without Helium
with Helium (renew regularly)

ROBOP: The dummy is a semi-automatic Robop prey dummy, which automatically executes movements with wings and head while playing raptor screams. Robop is so lifelike that prey birds have been seen trying to attack it in self-defense.:


Birdraptor and Bird-X Drone are flying raptor dummies, which are controlled remotely. They are extremely effective and suitable for regular, short-term use for dispersing large flocks. This makes them particularly suited for use in airports or landfills.

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Raven Decoy

Lifelike carrion crow. It can be hung or it can be free-standing. Good value for money
23.74 € incl. 19% VAT
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Kestrel Decoy, flying

Our kestrel decoy is particularly effective because it is suspended and moves with the wind.
58.91 € incl. 19% VAT
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Peregrine Falcon Decoy, sitting

Lifelike peregrine falcon decoy for repelling birds. The peregrine falcon is a skilful hunter.
70.21 € incl. 19% VAT
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Eagle Owl Decoy

Lifelike eagle owl, height 60 cm with and without automated movements to repel birds.
141.61 € incl. 19% VAT
plus delivery
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