Acoustic Solutions
Birds react to acoustic stimuli. Several acoustic devices make use of that.

Acoustic Solutions, which also humans can hear

Acoustic bird control devices replay attacking calls from predator birds, mixed with frightening calls from prey birds.

Acoustic Solutions with Ultrasound

Ultrasound systems use ultrasound frequences, which the human ear cannot hear. Professional systems combine ultraouns and infrasound.

Directional Acoustic Beams

The Long Range Acoustic Device directs 150 dB loud acoustic signals in a 30 wide beam up to 1,500 meters far.

Shockwave Generator

Birds are very receptive to air pressure waves. A very effective and harmless way to deter birds from large areas.
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Bird Control for Cities
Especially cities and communities are effected by large flocks of pigeons. The concept of reducing food has proven very effective over the long run. We offer new concepts of sustainable bird control!

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