Acoustic Solutions - Ultrasound

Ultrasound systems continuously emit high frequency sound waves, which are inaudible to the human ear but intensely irritating for birds. TONI's professional systems combine ultrasound with low-frequency infrasound for maximum effectiveness in bird deterrence.

Important characteristics of ultrasound systems

  • Ultrasound systems consist of one or more speakers placed inconspicuously on a building or other structure to protect it in its entirety.
  • Though humans cannot hear it, birds perceive the sound as physical pressure - intensely irritating, but not painful or dangerous.
  • Acoustic pressure systems are suitable for low to medium populations of birds. 
  • For the professional use, there are various ultrasound devices with differing effective radiuses. Acoustic pressure systems are quite small and can be hidden well on a building.
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Acoustic Pressure System TF5
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