Acoustic solution – Directional beam

Acoustic hailing devices (AHDs) direct sound signals up to 160 dB in a beam which can be heard over 3,000 meters away. Predator bird cries and other noises disturbing to birds are transmitted. These are powerful bird control solutions, and because of this power, they require professional training for use.

HyperSpike® systems from TONI come in a number of specifications and configurations to meet different bird control situations.

Important characteristics of HyperSpike® acoustic hailing devices

  • HyperSpike® is a flat phase-coherent acoustic pressure device. The top-of-the-line model can direct sounds (predator cries, disturbing noises, distress calls of various species) over 3,000 m, and achieve acoustic pressure levels of 163 dB with a beam angle of +/- 5°.
  • These systems carry a very low risk of habituation.
  • HyperSpike® AHDs are only allowed to be used by professional operators; a special user's training course must be carried out before operations.
  • Systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations for stationary, vehicle-mounted, or handheld use.
  • HyperSpike® systems are suitable for heavy populations.
  • Each system comes equipped with standard accessories including MP3 player, microphone, and audio optimization software. Several models can be outfitted with additional accessories.

Video - LRAD in Operations*

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LRAD and LDU in use

Both systems are mature and have proven themselves especially in the following applications:

  • Landfills are mostly deserted, therefore LRAD / LDU can be used in an automatic version.
  • At airports LRAD / LDU are used in a mobile installation.

Our Service: Demonstration

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*video courtesy of Detect Inc.

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