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Acoustic devices replay digital recordings of calls from birds of prey and distress calls of prey species. The predator calls are intensely frightening for birds, and when combined with distress calls of other species, convince the birds that they are in immediate danger and must leave. This method works especially well in situations of small to medium bird pressure.

Important characteristics of predator call systems

  • The call of a predator is a warning signal to birds, and can be further augmented by distress calls of prey species. These cries are stored by the device and can be played at irregular intervals over the included high frequency loudspeakers.
  • All devices are programmable and can store several call sequences, or play calls at random. This allows the user to choose a given sequence based on the situation on site.
  • While birds are strongly affected by these predator/distress call systems, they can become habituated over time. Therefore, the best approach is to use an acoustic deterrent in conjunction with one or more of TONI's other bird deterrent methods.
  • Predator call systems are suitable for low to medium populations.

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