Electrical system Scaretape

The newly developed Scaretape system consists of two parallel aluminium strips, mounted onto a ribbon of translucent and self-adhesive PVC insulation. Its size makes it suitable for all birds, and the simplicity of its design means that Scaretape can be installed almost anywhere.

Important characteristics of the Scaretape system

  • The PVC profile is UV and weather resistant, making the system durable for up to 10 years of use.
  • Made of translucent plastic and only 2mm in height, Scaretape is entirely inconspicuous.
  • Just like Avishock, the distance between the wires makes Scaretape suitable for all types and sizes of birds.
  • Scaretape may be glued to nearly all surfaces, including metal, glass, stone, tile, asphalt, marble, treated wood and steel.
  • Because the conductive material is embedded in plastic, short circuits cannot occur.

  • These systems are fed by up to 5,000 volts, enough to shock but not enough to cause any lasting harm. This voltage is high enough to power up to 200m of wiring.
  • The power surge should be placed in the outside.
  • The Power monitor supervises the electrical system permanently and sends out an automatic warning by SMS if the system gets interrupted or the power gets insufficient.
  • The electrical system is suitable for medium to heavy populations of birds.
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