Flexible electrical Systems

Columbex is an electrical system designed specifically for high-value historical strucutres. Its soft plastic matrix makes it easy to form or bend around any intricate structure.

Important characteristics of the Columbex electrical system

  • The profile consists of high quality UV- and weather-resistant polyethylene, held in place by retaining brackets bonded directly to the surface.
  • The plastic matrix prevents contact with the rods, making the system completely short circuit-proof.

  • These systems are fed by up to 5,000 volts, enough to shock but not enough to cause any lasting harm. This voltage is high enough to power up to 30,000m of wiring.
  • The power surge should be placed in the outside.
  • The Power monitor supervises the electrical system permanently and sends out an automatic warning by SMS if the system gets interrupted or the power gets insufficient.
  • The electrical system is suitable for medium to heavy populations of birds.

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ColumbEx Electrical System

The ColumbEx Electrical System is particularly suitable for protecting monuments. A complete set is sufficient for 30 meters
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