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Bird control in multi-storey car parks

Pigeons often prefer to nest in car parks; here they find shelter and nesting opportunities. Wind protected niches are areas which are particularly affected.


We provide effective solutions

The aim of bird control measures must be to prevent birds from entering the car park. The control measures are usually very extensive as the inside of a car park provides many roosting possibilities.

Our solutions:

  • Car park structures - netting
    We use netting with bonding technology for side coverage, open storeys etc. Bonded netting can be installed without boring and openable at all times for maintenance work.

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  • Car park structures – combination system
    As an alternative to netting our combination system can be stretched over complete areas. It consists of long stainless steel wires, which can be current-carrying.

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  • Car park entrances
    We recommend stainless steel spikes and acoustic solutions to prevent birds from entering.

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  • Inside car parks
    If the birds are already in the car park, pigeon houses are a good solution. They are also suitable when the car park is spacious and other measures would be too expensive.

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Our solutions

bird spikes

Car park buildings with bird control functions

Car park facilities can be designed in a way that they also fulfill bird control functions.
  • Steel wire netting is not only suitable for bird control, but also structure limiting, aids in fall protection, and could be used to support plant life.
Ranken an Stahlseilnetzen Stahlseilnetze zum Schutz gegen Vögel


  • Metal mesh can be installed in front of all facades. Depending on the position of the observer the car park appears to be transparent and gives a clear view or restricts it. Metal mesh as a structural element not only controls birds, it is also a safety barrier and noise protection.

  • Architecture cables consist of a few millimeters thick steel cables which are harnessed through the entire structure. If the rope stretched tight enough, they are perfectly usable for both structural design and Bird control solutions.

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