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Years of research into bird vision have shown that the avian eye is particularly sensitive to bright green light - specifically, light of wavelength 532 nm. While most light sources can be tinted various shades of green, only lasers can produce light in a narrow enough spectrum and with a strong enough beam to be useful for bird control.

TONI does not offer Lasers as such. This website is only intended to give a market overview.

Handheld Lasers

  • Measures: 225mm x 50mm
  • Weight: 500 g
  • works for a distance of up to 2000m

Automatic laser

For large areas or heavy bird pressure, automatic laser solutions are available. This laser scans the environment on a preset program, or one programmed by the user, making it easy to protect large areas with minimal effort. When birds are "hit" by the laser, they will leave the area.
  • automatic laser system for bird control for large areas
  • applicable to geese, ducks, sparrows, starlings and some other birds


Automatic laser for indoor ceilings

For large halls, there is an automated Laser V2.1. This laser protects the ceilings of large, open buildings from birds. It is suitable for preventing birds entry to large warehouse and production facilities. The laser is installed under the warehouse ceiling and is permanently scanning only the ceiling. When the laser "hits" the birds, they will leave the area.

  • the only available automated laser system for bird control for warehouses and industrial buildings
  • use against sparrows, starlings and some other birds
  • 1 device covers from about 20 x 10m. For large buildings, units can be combined.


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