Predator birds always attack from above - this is why all birds are alarmed when they detect a moving object above them.

Helium filled balloons, which are flying at 10 - 30m high makes use of this instinctive behaviour - birds avoid roosting under our birdkites, which makes them an effective and inexpensive bird control method.

The important characteristics of the Birdkite balloons

  • Birdcontrol balloons are helium filled kites and fly permanently at a certain height, which is fixed with a long rope.
  • Birds see the balloons instinctively as a threat and avoid them. Birdkites may be used to deter all kinds of birds (besides predator birds).
  • Because of the height, at which birdkites can fly, also large areas up to 10 hectars can be kept almost bird-free. This makes birdkites a very suitable tool for agriculture. The higher the balloons fly, the more effective they are.
  • The effectivity of birdkites has been proven by well-known ornithologists and universities.
  • Habituation is very seldom, but can be seen during breeding season.
  • Birdkites are available in two different versions. Another version is the Hawkkite. Alternatively we offer birdkite decoys, which are fixed to kite poles and can move freely with the wind.

Landfill site Without Birdkite

Landfill site With Birdkite
  • Birdkites can be worn out by the wind, UV radiation etc. Therefore, they must be replaced monthly. 
  • Birdkite are suitable especially for large areas, airports (with permission), landfill-sites as well as regions with low, medium and heavy population.

Birdkite Vigilante (11 m3) flying:

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