The dummy is a semi-automatic Robop prey dummy, which automatically executes movements with wings and head while playing raptor screams. In tests gulls have even attacked the Robop, which speaks for the high efficacy.

Important characteristics of ROBOP

  • Robop Falk is a dummy with moving mechanisms that mimic a peregrine perfect. The dummy moves head, wings and body at irregular intervals - controlled by an integrated microprocessor. By typical falcon sounds of 85 dB Gain an additional Vergrämungseffekt is achieved. By a light sensor Robop is only active during the day.
  • The dummy is positioned as high as possible on the problem area. They should be placed as visible as possible. To reduce the habituation effect, must Robop additionally be repositioned every 2 weeks.
  • Robop can also be delivered on a trailer. The dummy is mounted on the end of a pneumatically operated rod in 3.6 m height. This Robop is visible in a large area - especially interesting for open terrain (landfills, airports).
  • Robop is used for a variety of buildings, silos, landfills, large parking areas, golf courses, etc. Even on electrical transmission lines is Robop been used. Even on roofs can be placed Robop - a solar panel makes the dummy independent of the power supply.

HERE you will find a short presentation of Robop robot bird.

Video - ROBOP

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