Monument Protection
Cleaning and protection of monuments and listed buildings

Monuments are particularly attractive to birds and are damaged in the long-term by their droppings. Monuments, as well as historical buildings require cleaning, disinfection, and protection. This work is especially precise, thus requiring cleaners with many years of experience and know-how.

We offer services needed for cleaning, disinfection, and protection of monuments as well as historical buildings.

Tauben auf einem Denkmal

Cleaning of pigeon droppings - Methods

  • Dry ice process
    Pigeon droppings are completely removed with the dry ice process. With high-pressure cleaners or steam blasting, there are still always white flecks remaining. Dry ice is the perfect solution.
  • Laser cleaning
    If the natural patina is to remain, pigeon droppings, grime and the effects of weather are to be removed, laser beam cleaning is the optimal method. All parts of buildings are easily reached with our mobile laser devices.
  • High-pressure cleaner/steam blasting
    Careful cleaning with the high-pressure or steam blasting procesdure. Disinfection, collection and specialist disposal of pigeon droppings.

Methods of Cleaning of pigeon droppings

Installation of effective pigeon control systems

The pigeon control solution must be discreet and effective, without damaging the surface of the building. Mostly, we combine several different solutions.

Our bird control solutions:

  • Electrical system ColumbEx
    The bendable Electrical system ColumbEx is our most favourable system to protect monuments and historical buildings. The system can be freely adjusted to curves and is available in two different colours.

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  • Other electrical systems
    For long installations, profile or rod electrical systems can be used. These systems are especially well-suited for ledges and may also be combined with the electrical system ColumbEx.

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  • Acoustic solutions
    Acoustic pressure systems are not audible to humans and provide a good protection for small to medium populations. It is important to use several acoustic pressure devices, since the sound is easily dispersed by every corner of the building.

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  • Spikes
    Spikes are a proven method of bird control. We have special spikes for monuments and historical buildings. They may be adapted in colour to every surface.

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  • Nettings
    Drillings may not possible for all surfaces on monuments or historical buildings. Our method for nettings allows to bond the nets to any structure.

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Bird control at monuments and historical buildings - Examples

Collection and disposal of the pigeon droppings

Monument ProtectionThe removal of pigeon droppings and its disposal should be carried out by a specialist. Due to the requirements of BGI 892 special protective measures are necessary. The professional removal of pigeon droppings and the subsequent disinfection is carried out by our pest controllers.

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