Pigeon droppings disposal
Pigeon droppings contain germs and bacteria, e.g. chlamydophila psittaci, yeast and fungi, which pose a risk of infection. These can be absorbed by humans in aerosol form through the respiratory system or direct through the skin/mucous membrane. The Biological Substances Act (BGI 892: health risk from pigeon droppings) regulates how companies can protect their employees from pigeon droppings. We can help you with this.

Why are pigeon droppings a risk?

Pigeon droppings damage buildings with calcareous stone by organic acids. These are degraded microbial to nitric acids, which react with calcium carbonate to form calcareous nitre (wall saltpetre), and thus dissolves the lime.  Pigeon droppings are a perfect culture medium for micro fungi which penetrate into the calcareous stone and damage it by acid separation. Water freezes in these fine capillaries in winter and freeze-thaw weathering is the consequence.

Pigeon droppings disposal is not only a health issue, but also a building maintenance consideration.

What can be done?

Toni professionally removes pigeon dropping from buildings and industrial plants. If necessary, we utilize protective clothing, inhalation protection and decontamination procedures for disinfecting. The cleaning is carried out mechanically, this means that any other damage caused by long-term pigeon droppings (etching) cannot be rectified. The white flecks that usually remain can only be removed using the dry ice procedure. Dry ice cleaning is provided as an additional service.  

After cleaning, disinfection and pest control (in particular against pigeon ticks, bird fleas and bird mites) is carried out.

We dispose of pigeon droppings professionally.


Our Service

  • Primary and precision cleaning of pigeon droppings using protective clothing/inhalation protection in accordance with the Biological Substances Act
  • On the surface suction extraction of pigeon droppings.
  • Removal of pigeon droppings with the dry ice procedure. This not only removes the superficial pigeon droppings, but also dissolves and removes droppings in the stone. No damage is caused to the building, as with other procedures.
  • Decontamination procedures for protective measures at protection level 2 according to the Biological Substances Act.
  • Disinfection against bacteria and parasite.
  • Pest control to protect against parasites (pigeon ticks, bird fleas, bird mites), pigeon tick control
  • Pigeon droppings disposal in accordance with the environmental regulations

Background knowledge: pigeon tick control

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