Don't let the woodpecker damage your property!

Woodpeckers just love to pick holes into walls - especially at those with expensive thermal insulation composite systems. Mr woodpecker finds perfect conditions in them. Insects rest in the walls, which heat up in the sun - and attract the birds.


What can be done?

Woodpecker decoys

Woodpeckers are teritorial. Thats why we baffle them by installing decoys in the proximity. The decoy shows the bird that the facade is already occupied.

This decoy has proven to be the best method of control. We offer two versions:

 Colour-fast Woodpecker   Cooper woodpecker

Predator bird decoys

Also, Woodpeckers have enemies like the Peregrine falcons, Tawny owl, and Harris hawk. Decoys can be used to deter their distructive activity. Hanging the decoys increases the control effect tremendously, since the decoy moves with the wind.

 Peregrine falcon decoy   Tawny owl decoy    Harris Hawk decoy

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