Urban Bird Enclosures

For large areas, conventional methods of bird control are often far too expensive. Here we offer our bird enclosures. These dovecotes attract feral pigeons with our newly invented attraction method. They are best suited for medium-sized bird populations. 

The important characteristics of bird enclosures

  • With our newly developed luring method, the birds are attracted into the cage. We are using specially designed aviaries, which meet all requirements from animal / bird protection laws.
  • The bird cage must be located at an attractive spot in the area, which usually will be as high as possible. Also the cage must be wind protected towards at least one direction.
  • For the time when the feral pigeons are captued until they will be removed, they can find sufficient food and water.
  • The cage must be serviced regularly.
  • The cage will remain active as long as birds are still in the area.
  • When an acceptable bird level in the area is reached or all birds in the area are captured, the cage will be closed. But it will remain at the site.
  • Should other feral pigeons settle in the area, the cage will be turned active again, starting to attract these pigeons also.
  • Bird cages are suitable for medium to high populations.
  • The regular service includes emptying the cage, disinfection, refilling food and water and extermination if necessary. We provide this service in cooperation with a company, which complies with 11 German Protection of Animals Act.
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