Acoustic Solutions - Noise-System

UltraSon is working with high acoustic hearable waves and ultrasound waves of 2 - 30
kHz. This frequency is entirely steered through, what produces a corresponding effect in the breadth. This high-sound-acoustic and hearable waves of over 105 dB combined with ultrasound producss a high grade sound effect.

The important characteristics of ultrasound systems

  • UltraSon must be pIaced in time before the fruits are ripening. With too
    Iate appointment of UltraSon, varmint mostly already have the taste of ripe grapes, cherries etc., so it is more difficuIt to chase them away.
  • At first you have to decide, what kind of animals or birds have to be ohased away. You can influence forest birds, forest animals and starlings in a different way. Each kind of animal demands a special action which our UltraSon executes.
  • One loudspeaker box has an effect in the breath of 100m. When you have Iarger surfaces you must use additional Ioudspeakers (K-1804).
  • The Ioudspeaker box must be fixed about 2 metres above the vines or trees.
  • The aim of UltraSon is to disturb the animals at their resting and sleeping place and to interrupt their flight route between resting place and feeding area.
  • Noise-Systems are suitable for low to high populations.
  • Applications: Vineyards (against Star incidence, blackbirds, ...), in agriculture and horticulture, on golf courses and sports fields, parking lots, marinas and in warehouses and buildings
  • Defense against wild boars, badger, deer, magpies, sparrows, crows and other
    animals Iiving in the forest.

The extension base units with additional speakers is larger and more complete protection zones:

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