Birds also perceive external stimuli, particularly visual. The latest research shows that animals can see light with a wave length of 430 - 680nm. These are used in visual bird control devices.

Stroboscare: transmits pulsing strobe explosions. Therefore, it is only approved for indoor use.

The important characteristics of Stroboscare flash lights

  • Bright light flashes 25 to 120 times per minute, which drives away birds. The flashes are 15 million candlelight power. The Stroboscare energy consumption is 1500 watt.
  • Stroboscare is only approved for indoor use due to the bright light and potential risk to the human eye.
  • Therefore, they are mainly used in glass houses or aircraft hangers.  
  • The devices are controlled by a control unit. A motion sensor switches the devices on only if needed.
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