Protection of Landfills
Control of birds at landfill sites and sewage plants

Landfill sites and sewage plants are used as feeding places by many birds. Prolific breeding and complaints from residents are the consequence. 

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We provide effective solutions

It is no easy task keeping birds away from landfill sites and sewage plants. As the birds find abundant feed here they are highly motivated and difficult to drive away.

Our solutions:

  • Netting:
    Large area netting is best for protecting landfill sites. However, netting on this scale poses an enormous technological challenge: the netting must be tight and constantly defy wind and weather. This can only be achieved with specialist know-how.

     Landfill netting

  • Acoustic solutions:
    Acoustic devices provide very good protection. The calls of birds of prey and acoustic pressure systems must be positioned in a way that large areas of the landfill are covered.

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  • Acoustic solutions – directed audio system:
    Directed audio systems generate acoustic noise up to 150 dB, which is a special technology that concentrats audible sound waves in directed specific areas. Flocks of birds, thus can be driven away.

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  • Predatory birds:
    Live predatory birds can be introduced into areas close to the landfills. This leads to a renewal of natural hostilities and the problem is solved by natural methods.

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  • Predator decoys:
    The most success can be achieved with the active predator decoys (Birdraptor). Birdraptor is a flying model in the form of a predator and is controlled from the ground.

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These solutions can also be used successfully at sewage plants


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