Parasite determination and pollutant analysis
Only when it is clear which parasites and contaminants were spread by the pigeon droppings can effective measures be implemented. Effective methods of analysis can determine beforehand the infestation and parasite to be controlled. This avoids excessive disturbance in the property by parasite control measures and disinfecting agents.

Birds can carry many parasites

Wild pigeons living in cities are usually infected with parasites, fungi and bacteria. This can also become a problem for humans. The parasites include pigeon ticks, bird fleas and bird mites.

Pigeon ticks

can migrate from pigeons’ nests into neighbouring flats and infect humans. 

Pigeon ticks can live for up to 11 years. Males are 4-5mm long, females 7-10mm long, with 8 legs, full with blood up to 12mm long, actively seek host animals, can live for many years without food, prefer to live in pigeon nests, and also in the nests of other birds.

Pigeon ticks feed on the blood of young animals, chickens and ducks. When humans are infected they cause heavy inflammation and poorly healing wounds.

We can provide our special pigeon tick control for infestations.

Bird fleas

infect pigeons and get into neighbouring flats from pigeon nests.

Dark brown to black, laterally compressed bodies, 2-4mm long with strong pair of rear legs, actively seek host animals, but only remains on the host for the blood-feeding act. Therefore, the quarantine station must be thoroughly treated.

Bird fleas live by hematophagy and can infect humans.


Bird mites

Live on all birds, get from nests into neighbouring flats and can also infect humans.

Under 1mm long, appear red-black, when squeezed blood-rest results. Only remains on the host for the blood-feeding act. Therefore, the quarantine station must be thoroughly treated.

Bird mites can cause an allergic reaction in humans with their bites.

Our service

  • Bacterial and viral examination of the pigeon droppings (in particular chlamydiae, salmonellae, paratyphoid pathogen)
  • Examination of pigeon droppings for fungal attack (cryptococcus neoformans)
  • Parasitological examination of pigeon droppings for ticks, mites and fleas
  • Control by our specialists, especially pigeon tick control
  • If required pollutant determination

Background knowledge pigeon tick control

What are Pigeon ticks (argas reflexus)?
Protect your family and yourself for the likes of Pigeon Ticks. Many people are unaware of the dangers or irritations that Pigeon Tick causes. These parasites are found where Pigeons and other birds roost and nest.

To learn more about the dangers or complications that can be caused by Pigeon Ticks, please see "Allergy to pigeon tick" and Ehrlich Pest Control Experts

Our services: control of the pigeon tick infestation, pigeon tick control, control procedure. Pigeon tick control and control procedure


  • Pigeon ticks
  • Bird mites and bird fleas
  • Verification of bacterial, viral, mycotic (fungi) and parasitological infestation  from pigeon droppings
  • Determination of other pests (rats, mice, cockroaches) or insects


  • Verification of mould fungus and dry rot
  • Verification of household pollutants (e.g. radon)
  • Verification of overdosing pest control agents

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