Maintenance of all systems

We offer long-term maintenance contracts for all our bird control systems after installation. These ensure that the systems function perfectly even after the warranty period expires.

Subjects of the maintenance contracts are:

  • Spikes
    Occasionally spikes are damaged by birds, wind force debris, acidic rain, people, and small pets. TONI would replace, reposition, refasten, rebound, and/or repair your damaged spike system.
  • Netting
    Netting is often loosened by extremely strong wind forces during storms. After the weather has settled, your bird protection is lessened. TONI maintenance services will refasten your netting in a like new condition.
  • Wire systems
    One of our most durable systems are also subject to man made obstructions, small animals, and other forces of nature. We would restring the broken wire to its orginal setting.
  • Electrical systems
    Electrical systems are subject to short circuiting due to water or bird roosting over them. Our maintenance teams would re-inspect and  test your system to make the appropriate repairs needed.
  • Combination system
    The complete system durability is above most standards, but is still subject to unexplainable errors. TONI re-inspects and repairs the combination system for continuous operation. 
  • Bird Slides
    The Bird Slide concept is very easy to maintain, although strong winds can make the system weaker over time. We will ensure that your system is set stronger and better than before.
  • Decoys and pigeon houses
    The maintenance of pigeon houses ia an important part of our service. Included in this is the provision of decoys, the supply of feed and veterinary care, the partial replacement of the pigeons’ eggs, pest control; the prevention, repair and cleaning of pigeon.
  • Acoustic solutions
    Highly effective acoustic systems are preordained to acoustic pressure transmitters failure, predator call resonators repairs or blank-firing systems recharging. Our staff is qualified to fulfil all service requirements.
  • Visual solutions
    Visual solutions systems are prone to electrical malfunctions from rough weather, to include rain and also human errors.  TONI reassess the problem areas and bring your system back online quickly with effectiveness.

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