Wire system

State Museum of Mainz: stainless steel wire system

In the framework of renovating the State Museum of Mainz parapets and surrounding beams were protected with a multiple row wire system. The multiple rows of the system ensure complete protection and prevent birds from settling in the open space behind a shorter system.

Klauser Wuppertal: stainless steel wire system

Our proven stainless steel wire system effectively prevents bird intrusion. A three row system was selected to protect the attics and window sills. Corner pieces ensure all-round protection.

University of Düsseldorf: stainless steel wire system

The wire system protects the edges of the attics from bird intrusion. A three-row system was chosen.

Goldbeck facade Mannheim: custom-made product

stainless steel wire system

The customer had a strict specification for the wire system. The system was to prevent the intrusion of pigeons and also protect the guttering. This could not be realised with a standard system.  

We therefore developed the standard wire system further and adjusted both the height and thickness to the increased tensile stress.  

Several hundred metres of facade could then be effectively protected.

Exhibition Hall Frankfurt: Special Product Stainless Steel Wire System

The entrances of the new Exhibition Hall 11 in Frankfurt are suitable for pigeons flying in. In particular, the birds roost on the air conditioning directly behind the facade.

The challenge was to develop a system that on the one hand functions and on the other integrates harmoniously with the optical characteristics of the building.

The result is a multi-row stainless steel wire system that is anchored sideways in the soffits.

E.On Academy Düsseldorf, stainless steel wire system

A multiple row stainless steel wire system was fitted exactly to the form of the window sills. Stainless steel pins were used. A possible alternative is also the direct anchoring of the wire system into the window reveals.

Waste management company: wire system as shield

For handrails stainless steel wire systems can be successfully installed as a shield. A risk of injury does not exist.  

We have installed a shield system on several storeys of the Bonn waste management company.

Church of St. Martin Bonn: stainless steel wire system and netting

Older structural substance can also be effectively protected: a stainless steel wire system was attached to the guttering here.

Shopping centre Regensburg: stainless steel wire system

We protected the windows of a large shopping centre in Regensburg with a three- and five row stainless steel wire system. In particular, the full protection of the windows (five rows) prevents the pigeons from nesting on the window sills.

Inner Courtyard Dresden: Stainless Steel Wire System

Pigeons like to populate city centres. This was also the case in the centre of Dresden, where we protected the parapets of a new building opposite the Church of our Lady with several rows of stainless steel wire system.

Wire systems have a very high efficiency and are, not least because of the good visual effect, suitable for repelling birds.

Goettingen Hospital: Wire-system

Especially for hospitals hygiene is of extreme importance. Bird and pigeon droppings must be prevented with all means.

At the Goettingen hospital, stainless stell pipes are being used as snow guard. To prevent pigeons from roosting, we have installed a special stainless stell wire-system.

Beneath the roof pigeons also roosted directly on the tiles, since this place is best sheltered from the wind. We have installed PE-netting Antec, glueing it directly on the tiles.

Stainless stell spikes on roof ridges and ledges make bird control on this building complete.

Ubierring Cologne: Stainless steel wire system and spikes

At this listed building at Ubierring in Cologne, we have installed a stainless stell wire system on gutters and ledges. The system was even painted in order to best integrate it into the facade of the building.

On other ledges and gutters we have used stainless steel spikes to protect them.

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