Facade in Frankfurt: stainless steel spikes

During renovating we cleaned and disinfected the facade from pigeon droppings. Stainless steel spikes were discreetly installed for protection.

Office building Karlsruhe: stainless steel spikes

Office buildings with an atrium are favoured living places for pigeons. In particular, niches on the buildings are very suitable.

We protected the niches with stainless steel spikes – a simple and discreet method. The only challenge with the atrium was the confined space. Special handling equipment solved the problem.

Frankfurt-inner courtyard: stainless steel spikes

This courtyard of a block of houses in Frankfurt was heavily soiled by pigeons. Access was the problem; however our climbing team solved it with flying colours.

Stainless steel spikes were installed on pilaster strips and guttering.

Swarovski Frankfurt: Installation of Stainless Steel Spikes

In the city centre of Frankfurt, pigeons are part of the cityscape. But they should not roost on the facades of the shops. This can be achieved with proven, effective means: effective pigeon control on the Swarovski facade in Frankfurt.

Klauser facade: stainless steel spikes

Stainless steel spikes provide very good protection for many parts of a facade. They are particularly suited for nameplates and are also cost effective.

Factory and office building in cologne: stainless steel spikes

The pigeons were nesting in the venetian blind boxes underneath the eaves of this building.  

The problem was solved with several rows of stainless steel spikes, some of which were installed from inside the building and some with lifting equipment.

Frankfurt inner courtyard: stainless steel spikes

Trees made this inner courtyard very difficult to access – impossible for lifting equipment, routine for our climbing team.

There were enough anchor points on the facade, which allowed our team to work safely.

Lampertheim: stainless steel spikes

The roof area of this building was heavily affected by pigeons, which had settled on the edges of the roof and roof protrudances.

After professionally cleaning the pigeon droppings and disinfecting we protected the area with stainless steel spikes.

ETG Frankfurt: stainless steel spikes -installation

Guttering is a bird favourite. Special spikes helped here. These went so far into the recess that the birds could no longer nest in the guttering.

HVW Frankfurt: cleaning and stainless steel spikes

The window sills of a doctor’s practice in the Frankfurt city centre were heavily soiled by pigeons.

We carried out a professional cleaning and disinfecting of the object and installed two-rowed stainless steel spikes.

Cologne: Stainless steel spikes on drainpipes

Under this bridge in Cologne, we have installed stainless steel spikes directly on the drainpipes.

Goettingen Hospital: Stainless steel spikes

Especially for hospitals hygiene is of extreme importance. Bird and pigeon droppings must be prevented with all means.

At the Goettingen hospital, stainless stell pipes are being used as snow guard. To prevent pigeons from roosting, we have installed a special stainless stell wire-system.

Beneath the roof pigeons also roosted directly on the tiles, since this place is best sheltered from the wind. We have installed PE-netting Antec, glueing it directly on the tiles.

Stainless stell spikes on roof ridges and ledges make bird control on this building complete.

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