Nuclear power plant

Our team protected sensors and cameras on safety equipment against seagulls at a large north German nuclear power plant. The seagulls often triggered false sensor alarms. We also closed the landing niches direct on the dome with large PE netting. Zips were built into the netting to allow regular maintenance work.

Airport hanger: netting with bonding technology

Birds were nesting in the hanger of an airport in south Germany and soiling the aircraft, with significant damage.  

Together with the customer’s installation team we bonded more than 2,000 m2 PE Antec netting. In addition, several thousand fasteners were attached to the cross bracings with high performance bonding agent. After sufficient drying time the very light netting could be hung in the fasters without any problems. The result is almost invisible netting.

Brewery silos: extensive netting

Several flocks of pigeons were spread out on and between the silos of a large brewery. The result wa heavy soiling and nesting between the silos.   

We installed more than 1,000 m2 of netting with cable technology. Access is possible through zips. Industrial climbing technology was used for the installation.

Inner courtyard: netting with industrial bonding technology

Large inner courtyards can be gateways for pigeons. The installation of large netting is not easy in these cases. Scaffolding must be removed first – if the netting is already hanging, it is no longer possible. How can the netting be fixed?

In the two large courtyards we used industrial bonding technology. Our climbers carried out the work with flair. As you can see the netting not only keeps the pigeons away, but also the remains of the workers’ breakfasts.

Hydroelectric power plant: netting

Netting was fixed over the forecourt of a hydroelectric power plant in Würzburg. The netting is hardly noticeable due to the choice of colour and mesh size.

C&A, Regensburg: Netting installation

In front of the slat construction we stretched PE netting over the whole roof to prevent birds from sitting between the slats. The whole rear construction of the netting was in stainless steel.

Church of St. Martin Bingen: netting

Church towers are often an attraction to pigeons and other birds. The famous Church of St. Martin in Bingen attracts not only pigeons but also larger birds from the Rhine valley. Heavy soiling of the bell tower and the bells was the result.

Our industrial climbing team cleaned the pigeon droppings and disinfected. The sides of the bell tower were then netted. The pigeons could no longer get into the bell tower; this meant predators were no longer attracted to the flocks.

HVW Rastatt: extensive netting

The inner courtyard of this housing was a favourite for a flock of pigeons. During renovations netting was used to cover the whole courtyard, so that the pigeons could no longer land. The guttering was protected with stainless steel spikes.

Mainside Frankfurt: stainless steel netting-installation

There are expensive cars in the multi-storey car park of Mainside Frankfurt. Owing to the very attractive location near to the water, the object is a favourite nesting place. Our stainless steel netting provides effective protection and is discreetly installed on the facade.

University Clinic: netting with bonding technology

There are skylights controlled by the air conditioning in the reception area of this university clinic, they open and close automatically. The pigeons discovered this spacious area and flew in when the skylights were open.  

The challenge was to install netting with as little damage as possible, and also not in the way of the opened skylights. We realised this by bevelling the netting. The bonding technology was very suitable for this project.

Stadium in Luxemburg: polyethylene netting

We installed large area netting underneath the grandstand of the Ettelbruck stadium. The zip access in the netting enables maintenance to be carried out on the lighting under the roof.

Balconies: netting

Netting is often the least favoured choice for balconies. It provides 100% protection against pigeons, but total netting is not everyman’s first choice. We can provide some help with hinged frames.

Inner courtyard Frankfurt: netting

We installed netting using cable frame technology in the inner courtyard of a bank in Frankfurt. Pigeon dropping also had to be removed and disinfection carried out.

Deutsche Welle, Bonn: netting installation

An open staircase leading to the Park provided shelter and roosting to pigeons. We installed large netting to prevent them flying in.

HVW in Frankfurt: polyethylene netting

With balconies there is often no alternative to complete netting. The netting has to be installed as discreetly as possible, fitting the total image of the facade.

Swallow netting: PE netting with bonding technology

With a contract from the Cornelia Hopf property management company we installed preventative swallow protection on the facades of these properties.

The netting is strectched between the guttering and house walls. By using PE Antec netting with bonding we were able to avoid boring special dowels through the insulation. A major advance, due to which time was saved and costs were lower to the client.

Suspended facade: stainless steel netting

The concrete segments of this suspended facade provided pigeons with many roosting possibilities. As a result the facade and in particular the window sills were soiled by pigeons, some even brooding.  

The pigeons were successfully driven away by the installation of stainless steel netting.

Chemical plant North Rhine Westphalia: PE Antec netting and strip curtains

Chemical plants are usually open on all sides and provide birds with many nesting possibilities. We installed netting with bonding technology and strip curtains at a large chemical plant in NRW.

The area is still accessible to the employees.

Inner courtyard Dresden: netting using industrial climbing

Pigeons infested the inner courtyard of a new building opposite the famous Church of Our Lady in Dresden. Due to the difficult access we installed the netting using industrial climbing technology.

Bonding the netting also proved itself here. A steel cable frame attachment would have been very complex as the facade also functions as insulation.

Backyard of Private Home in Munich

Pigeons often breed in backyards of private homes, where they can breed without being disturbed.

We have protected a backyard in Munich including the climate machine.

Balconies in Frankfurt: Nettings

Balconies on this office building were massively covered with pigeon droppings.

We have cleaned off the droppings, desinfected the area and protected the balconies with nettings.

Church in Allenbach: Cleaning of pigeon droppings and netting

This evanglic church in Allenbach is more than 200 years old. The window laths of its steeple were broken, allowing pigeons to fly in and breed for many years.

The droppings of the birds were immense. It was not possible to enter the roof structure without protective suits and breathing masks. We have cleaned and disinfected the whole roof from the droppings according german method BGI 892. To protect the roof from the birds, we have netted all windows of the steeple with our specially flame-resistant PE-net.

Bremen Cathedral: Nettings

During the renovation of the Bremen Cathedral, the existing bird control measures had to be renewed.

We have netted roundels and access balconies of the church with stainless steel nettings.

Mainz Fortress: Netting

During the renovation of the Mainz fortress, the portal and emblem were recreated and freshly coated. As a bird control method, spikes had been used, which had to be taken off before renovating. The spikes turned out to be quite inefficient, since pigeons were breeding behind them.

The house owner preferred a complete netting using bonding techniques. Drillings became unnecessary and the netting itself could be attached very closely to the architectural structure.

Goettingen Hospital: PE-netting Antec

Especially for hospitals hygiene is of extreme importance. Bird and pigeon droppings must be prevented with all means.

At the Goettingen hospital, stainless stell pipes are being used as snow guard. To prevent pigeons from roosting, we have installed a special stainless stell wire-system.

Beneath the roof pigeons also roosted directly on the tiles, since this place is best sheltered from the wind. We have installed PE-netting Antec, glueing it directly on the tiles.

Stainless stell spikes on roof ridges and ledges make bird control on this building complete.

Altenberg Cathedral: Nettings and Wire System

The Altenberg Cathedral of the Cistercians receives pigeon visits quite often. They like to sit on the overhanging ledges of the window ornaments, which is a common place for pigeons on churches - especially at wind-protected parts of the building.

We have protected the ornaments with a netting of the upper part. The cross-bracings above that window had many pigeons too. There we have used a special pipe clamp wire system.

Ubierring Cologne: PE-netting using cable frame technology

At this listed building at Ubierring in Cologne, we have installed PE-nettings using cable frame technology. The netting was attached to the windows and portholes of the facade as gently as possible.

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