Electrical system

Egana Goldpfeil Offenbach: profile electrical system

Pigeons had nested in the inner courtyard of a branch of Egana-Goldpfeil in Offenbach – a sign of colonisation. An electrical system installed on the roller blinds box and the window sills solved the problem.

Office building Karlsruhe

An electrical system compatible with the expensively renovated facade was selected. The facade was not visually impaired – efficiency was very good.

E.On Düsseldorf: electrical system

The goal at the head office of E.On and the E.On Academy in Dusseldorf was to keep the roof cornices, the roof ridges and the entrance area free of birds. We successfully installed the TAPO profile electrical system here.

E.On hydroelectric Würzburg: electrical systems

The historic listed monument and architecturally valuable hydroelectric power station in Würzburg had to be carefully protected against pigeon droppings. The TAPO profile electric system was selected, together with a special clamping system for the snow guards.

An extensive forecourt was also covered with netting.

Chamber of Commerce Bremen: Electrical system Columbex

The building of the Chamber of Commerce in Bremen is several hundred years old and a listed building. Its location in the centre of the town right at the market, exposes it directly to pigeons. Top quality ornamentation and its sandstone construction urge for an effective bird control.

Therefore, the owner decided in favor of the electrical system ColumbEx, which we glued on the surface with special primer and adhesives. We also protected the ornaments with the system, which is flexible and can be adjusted to every curve. We have met the high expectations of the owner, the requirements of the monument conservation and bird control.

University Campus Munich Martinsried: electrical system

We installed over the reception area of the new building of the University Campus Martinsried the TAPO profile electric system. In close cooperation with the architects, the planners and TONI the client finally decided on the anthracite coloured version of the system.  

The current source was installed in a separate high quality terminal box, which was specially coated in the colour of the facade. Due to the excellent colouring the pigeon deterrent was almost invisible.

Housing in Cologne: Electrical System

This inner courtyard of this new housing was protected with an electrical system against pigeons. The system is installed in the front attic in an area that is not easy to reach. Therefore, the occupants, children etc cannot  reach the system and frighten themselves.

Electrical systems are particularly effective because there is no habituation effect and they are optically discreet. They are also just as suitable for private accommodation.

Wehmeyer Giessen: electrical system

At the Wehmeyer department store in Giessen we installed the TAPO profile electrical system as arris protection.

The parts of the building that were difficult to reach were protected by spikes.

Foodstuffs factory in Frankfurt: rod electrical system

Small birds polluted the facade of a foodstuffs factory close to Frankfurt. The problem could be solved by an arris protection with a rod electrical system.

Frankfurt, Zeil: TAPO profile electrical system

Pigeons often use protruding glass- or sunawnings to perch. Many pedestrians and customers have had an unpleasant surprise.

We installed the TAPO profile electrical system on the glass roof to prevent this. The light boxes of the advertising were connected to the electrical supply.

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