Wind turbines will be installed at wind-intensive sites that are frequented by birds. Withdrawing swarms cant dodge the wind turbines - since a big part of bird migration takes place at night. Many dead birds are the result.

Modern radar technology for modern bird protection

With high-resolution radar and advanced image analysis, birds can be detected automatically. The software classifies the birds according to size and forecast the probability of an impact with the windmills. Achieve the probability parameter a certain value, the wind turbine is stopped. If the danger is over, the system runs automatically.

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Characteristics of the radar system MERLIN ARS

  • HSR (Horizon-scanning radar) 200 W solid-state S-band radar with Doppler function
  • VSR (Vertically-scanning radar) 25 kW X-Band Radar
  • Real-time signal processing
  • About SCADA is the radar coupled with the WKA
  • Range per radar:
  • 0.75 to 1.00 nautical miles horizontally (from 1.40 to 1.85 km)
  • 1.00 to 2.00 nautical miles vertically (from 1.85 to 3.70 km)
  • By combining multiple radars, the range can be adjusted.
  • mobile installation allows easy conversion depending on the direction of migration
  • remote control
  • Data collection and long term storage
  • Buy or rent possible

Data of the HSR show the X and Y axis.
Data of the VSR show the Z-axis.


For offshore installations the law states even one year study bird migration using radar during the approval phase. Migration data must also be raised during the subsequent construction and operation phase.
The system MERLIN ARS meets these requirements.

 Beatrice Windfarm Schottland
Installation Meetpost Research Plattform 


More than 50 MERLIN - radar stations are in use worldwide, including:
  • Ocotillo Express Wind Farm, California / USA: video surveillance of Seinadlern with automatic coupling
  • Gulf Wind I / Texas: installation in 2006 for Babcock & Brown
  • Smola wind farm, Norway: Study on the impact of wind farms on eagle
  • Near-shore wind farm, Meet Post / Netherlands: Installation for the Dutch government and Shell
  • Plum Iceland Wind Park: Installation of approximately 2 miles northeast of Orient Point Long Iceland / New York
  • Neda Mine Bat Survey, Wisconsin / USA: study on the effects on bats
  • Lake Ostrowo Wind Farm / Poland: Installation for Dong Energy (Denmark) and KAPPA zoo
  • Penascal Wind Farm, Texas / USA: Installation for Iberdrola Renewables
  • Mojave Wind Farm, California / USA: installation for environmental consulting company Sappho Environmental
  • Beatrice Wind Farm, Scotland / UK: installation for the University of Aberdeen

TONI is a distributor of Detect, Inc. and works on projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


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