Bird Collisions at Windows
Vogel - gestorben durch aufprall auf einer Glasfassade

Every year more than 100 million birds die at large glass fronts of office buildings or barriers of bridges and motorways.   

The birds try to get to the world beyond the glass and do not see the panes of glass as an obstacle, with fatal results.

Many ornithologists have been concerned for years with solutions to this problem. The following solutions are recommended:

Visible BirdSafeŽ-foils - Highly effective!

Prints or foils, which are applied to the glass, provide reliable protection for birds. The "Wiener Umweltanwaltschaft" - one of the most influential european bird conservancy - has investigated several patterns. The following samples proved a very good bird protection effect:

 Lines of orange-black squares


 Lines of black squares

With this product, bird protection becomes possible also for erected buildings. The foil is available in any size.
Alternatively to the BirdsafeŽ-foil, we suggest the ABC-Birdtape, which is available in our online-shop.

Examples of effective installations

Bird silhouettes which the human eye can't see - but birds can!

Common black silhouettes are an effective bird protection - but nobody wants black birds in front of their eyes. New silhouettes consist of an UV-foil, which is not visible for the human eye. But birds will notice it, since they can see in the UV-spectrum. - A true innovation, which is now available in our online shop.

Sample Pictures for Bird Protection foils

Large Prints on Windowpanes protect Birds

Companies may use their large windows as advertising space or for art painings. Birds will notice the prints as such and will not fly into the window anymore.
It is possible to print any message or art painting onto a glass pane. This provides enormous potential to present art - but also to protect birds from flying into windows.

Together with specialied painters, we will develop and realise a design for your facade.

Possible painting printed onto a window pane



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