Predator Settlement

One of the major factors limiting bird numbers in nature is the presence of predators. In human environments, however, predators are often absent, meaning that prey species can grow in numbers. Simply the presence of a bird of prey is often enough to frighten other birds away. Our predator settlement services provide not only a powerful deterrent to prey species, but by scaring away their food source, deter raptors that may also reside in the affected area. Predator settlement works even for species such as crows and seagulls, which are notoriously difficult to drive away.

Important aspects of predator settlement

  • The settlement of peregrine falcons can only be performed by our competent falconers.
  • Falcons roughly 4-5 weeks of age are implanted in the area infested by problem birds. While at first cared for in an included nesting box, the young birds can leave to feed themselves after roughly 4 weeks of care.
  • Following fledging, our falcons are cared for by regular medical examinations. They are compelled to stay in the desired area through regular feeding.
  • In some cases, a breeding pair is settled and encouraged to nest. Whether young or older birds, however, these are wild animals and cannot be forced to stay in one area - they may leave for feeding or breeding opportunities elsewhere.
  • Predators are used for large industrial plants, stadiums, halls and extensive factory grounds.
  • We only use this method with predator birds who are native to the area. Therefore, special permitting is usually not required.
  • The introduction of predators is very difficult and is only suitable for medium to heavy populations of prey birds

Nationwide use of predators possible

  • We can provide predators through our network of falconers and ornithologists.

A Saker falcon such as the one below significantly provides for natural hostilities:

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