Architectural facades
Modern steel and glass facades require highly effective bird control solutions that do not impair the visual impact of the facade.

TONI meets this challenge with state-of-the-art bird control solutions.

Discreet birds solutions developed for architectural facades

  • Electrical systems are highly effective and discreet.

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  • Bird Slides are transparent and can be custom made for every facade.

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  • The combination system consists of long, tensioned stainless steel wires, which can carry electrical current. The wires can be tensioned in front of the whole facade.

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  • Acoustic pressure systems use ultrasonic waves to drive birds away from the facade. They are excellent for the discreet protection of architectural facades.

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  • Predator cry systems imitate the warning calls and cries of natural enemies. The systems can be installed in a way that they do not irritate residents.

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  • Bird robots: An alternative approach is bird robots. They are placed on the facade and perfectly imitate the movements and sounds of real predators.

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Our Solutions

Architectural facades with bird control function

Together with competent partners we use the possibilities offered by modern architectural facades to integrate bird control into a comprehensive modern concept:
  • stainless steel cable mesh is not only suitable for bird control, but also for facade limiting, fall protection and even facade-greening.

    Stahlseilnetze zum Schutz gegen Vögel

  • architectural cables consists of a several millimetre thick stainless steel cables which are taughtly installed over the facade. If the cable is sufficiently taught, it is an excellent architectural feature.

  • metal mesh can be installed on facades. Depending on the location of the viewer the facade appears to be transparent or opaque. Metal mesh as part of a facade structure also acts as fall, sound, sun and bird protection.


In co-operation with leading architects we develop the existing range of bird control solutions further in order to meet the constantly growing demands and challenges.

We provide consultancy services
Coop Himmelb(l)au (Austria), Future Systems (UK), Dirk Jan Postel (Netherlands), UN Studio, Herzog & de Meuron, Rafael Vinoly Architects, Behnisch Architekten and many more.

Projects, where bird control systems played a role


Jedes Objekt ist einzigartig und immer wieder eine Herausforderung. Hier finden Sie eine kleine Auswahl von Projekten, bei denen Vogelabwehrlösungen eine Rolle spielten.
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