Swallow Control
We protect your house from swallow droppings

Swallows are cute, but what they leave on your house is not attractive.


These birds are subject to strict animal protection regulations. The regulation states that nesting birds have to be tolerated.

What can be legally done?

1. Swallow spikes

Preventive protection of exterior structures is permissible. We can provide and install special swallow spikes. The spikes are designed to prevent birds from breeding underneath them.

2. Netting

Netting is very suitable for preventing swallows from forming colonies. However, the netting should be installed as near as possible to the side of the house wall. This prevents nesting between the netting and the wall.

It can be used PE- or steel nettings. By affixing the adhesive PE-netting can be dispensed with holes and under ropes.


Polyethylene netting in cable frame technology   Polyethylene netting in bonding technology

3. Special wire system

A special wire system is screwed onto the roof battens or rafters at the eave gutters and angled downwards towards the wall. The five wires between the pins prevent nesting.

The swallow wire system is a high quality system. It is installed when visual discretion is desired.

4. Special electrical system

A special electrical system can be installed under the roof edge in a way that effectively prevents colonisation by swallows.

5. Dropping boards

These can be easily attached beneath the nests. Falling droppings are collected by them.

The droppings boards (dimensions 170mm x 500mm x 250mm; (strength 1,50mm) are made of aluminium and can be purchased from us.



6. Nesting alternatives: nesting aids

Artificial nests and nesting aids offer swallows alternative nesting possibilities, where they are less of a nuisance. We have a range of nesting aids in our online shop.



7. Nesting alternatives: swallow towers / swallow houses

Swallow towers attract the birds away from house walls. This method is very animal-friendly and fully complies with the particularly strict requirements of the animal protection regulations. The towers/houses are designed to integrate harmoniously into the residential area.

Structural verification of the pre-existing towers, installation of new towers, inspection and maintenance is available. During the installation process, we ensure that the distance between the nests and the ground is at least 4m.Nesting aids also attracts swallows.



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